How to Sell Digital Marketing Services to the DIY SMB Owner

Fri Jul 14, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Digital advertising isn’t for everyone. Your typical small business client generally feels overwhelmed by SMBher list of daily tasks. Despite keeping a hectic schedule, the results of a BIA/Kelsey survey show that nearly half, 48.3% of SMB owners are up for handling their own digital advertising. Here’s what is going on and how you can still sell to them.

As part of their research, BIA/Kelsey looked at why so many SMBs want to handle their own digital advertising. The biggest issue may center around independence. After all, a big reason these folks own their businesses is to maintain independence. So, it’s reasonable to think they’ll want control of their digital marketing. These owners also think they can save time and money by handling digital themselves.

The independent attitude is especially strong with specific types of digital advertising. For example, your SMB client already knows how to manage her private Facebook account. So, she might feel she can take her of her business Facebook account, too. SMB owners are more likely to handle email marketing, their websites, and online Yellow Page purchases themselves.

Is there anything you can sell to them? Yes! They need to know about the importance of reputation monitoring and ROI information. Use your best pitch to show them what happens when they don’t quickly handle a negative social media post. And, if you can prove the ROI on their advertising efforts isn’t as high as you think, you can up your chances of selling more digital marketing services.

According to BIA/Kesley, about 25% of SMBs like the do-it-for-me ad model while the final 25% use the do-it-with-me ad model. These business owners believe they can access high-quality ads when they use the services of a professional. They also appreciate assistance with the intricacies of media placement. You may be able to increase sales by promoting your expertise at managing community sponsorships. SMBs who engage in this type of activity often find the details overwhelming.

If a hot prospect tells you he’d rather manage his own digital marketing projects, don’t give up. Ask him exactly what he’s doing. Listen for this pain points and then sell the services you know will help him to succeed.

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