Sell Smarter Awards

Media Sales Today, in conjunction with AdMall and SalesFuel, is proud to announce the Sell Smarter Awards.

The awards are presented quarterly to qualified media sellers who have shared a recent story of their sales success in generating new business or reviving an existing account. Entries are judged by members of the editorial team at Media Sales Today and representatives of SalesFuel, Inc. Sell Smarter Award-Small-generic

“We created the Sell Smarter Award for our clients who have demonstrated best practices in using AdMall local sales intelligence to close additional business,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of SalesFuel.   “The salesperson’s consultative sales tactics, along with their creativity and revenue lift, are also equally considered.”

Media sellers who submit their success stories and are selected for a Sell Smarter Award receive a plaque, a $50 gift card, and a chance to win an iPad in a random drawing at the end of the year.

Do you have a case study to share? Submit yours on the website and you could qualify for a Sell Smarter Award. You will be contacted to provide additional details of your success. To locate the form in AdMall, watch this 15-second video.

Previous case studies

Suburban Media Rep Generates New Business with Co-op Funds

TV Rep Generates $50k from Local Grocery Store Using AdMall

Media Sales Rep Generates $5,000 and Client Credibility Using AdMall Research

Media Sales Rep Prospects for Local Dentists, Signs $56,000 Annual Contract

Media Salesperson Generates $8,000 from New Advertiser During AdMall Trial

Media Rep Gets $100k Sale + 100% of Major Client’s Annual Print Budget

TV Sales Rep Wins $10,000 Sale Using AdMall Research

Media Sales Rep Scores $11k in Digital Advertising from Loyal Print Client

Media Salesperson Closes $54,000 from Local Solar Panel Company

Media Rep Sells $16,000 in Digital Advertising to Loyal Print Advertiser

Media Rep Secures $2,000/Month in New Business from Maid Services Client

Media Rep Uses AdMall Data to Increase Client’s Spending by 400%

Billboard Rep Uses AdMall to Generate $88,000 from Regional Bank

Cable TV Rep Brings in $15,000 from Physical Therapy Client

Media Salesperson Doubles Cemetery Client Spending

Multimedia Sales Rep Uses AdMall PRO to Boost Revenue by $15,000

Media Seller Increases Client Spend by 88%

Key Account Executive Increases New Client Spend by 125%

Media Rep Sells $9,600 Mobile Campaign Using Digital Audit

TV Rep Provides AdMall Research to Prospect; Earns $28K Sale

Cable Rep Uses AdMall to Boost Client Spend from $1,500 to $36,000

Media AE Closes $24,000 Using Digital Audit Tool

TV Rep Closes 2nd Ad Campaign Using AdMall’s Digital Audit

Broadcast Rep Wins $4,500+ in New Business with AdMall Co-op Report