Sharpen Your Note-Taking Skills for Future Conferences

Wed Apr 4, 2012

Jessica Helinski

‘Tis the season for conferences! Likely, you’ll be headed to at least one in the upcoming months, and you’ll want to get the most of out your experience. One way to ensure you retain everything you see, hear and do is to take excellent notes. But, your note-taking skills may be a bit rusty, which is where advice from sales and marketing professional Matt Heinz comes in. He penned an article that gives advice on how to efficiently take notes during conferences and other off-site events, as well as how to pluck valuable tidbits from those notes for implementation. I’ve included a couple of his suggestions below, and you can check out the rest here.

Come prepared with your own tools
[The] system you determine to use for yourself likely doesn’t include those cute, hotel or conference center-branded notepads and pencils you’ll find on the table in front of you. Those are fine for emergencies, but likely aren’t your best note-taking tool.

Highlight to-do’s and key points in your note for easy access later
If you want a quick way to identify action items, follow-up notes for your team, and otherwise scan through notes (either on the plane home or as soon as you get back to the office), mark them with an empty box or star or something you’ll recognize. Be consistent with whatever you use for note-taking back at the office so it’s fast and easy to process.

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