Shattering the Millennial and Direct Mail Stereotype

Wed Aug 23, 2017

Rachel Cagle

When you think about advertising to millennials, you probably consider your digital options first. That generation is too busy being attached to their digital devices to respond to anything else, right? Wrong! 84% of this seemingly digital generation goes through their actual physical mailboxes regularly, 87% enjoy receiving direct mail, AND they trust what they read in the mail more than any other media format, reports US Presort.

Now, I’m not denying that millennials do spend a significant amount of time on their phones and other devices, but that’s not a bad thing for direct mail advertisers. For one, it makes direct mail ads more memorable. Canada Post actually claims that consumers of all ages remember and are drawn to action more by print advertising than digital. And why not? People are bombarded with digital ads all day and are conditioned to keep scrolling through most of them. US Presort found that 50% of millennials ignore digital ads while only 15% ignore direct mail.

Another way millennials’ digital savviness is good for direct mail advertisers is that no other generation is more likely to pass on the information they receive in the mail to others. US Presort pairs this data with its findings that 90% of 25 to 34 year-olds view direct mail as reliable. So, your client’s direct mail advertising may gain a digital edge through millennials sharing the information online without you having to do any extra work!

“Yeah, yeah, so they read it and trust it, but that doesn’t mean they’ll respond to it,” is what you may be thinking. However, in 2014, 57% of millennials took action after receiving direct mail and made purchases and 28.9 million millennials purchased from catalogs. Based on US Presort’s data, these offers motivate millennials:

  • Buy One Get One Free: 57% of millennials responded to this
  • Gift Cards: 55%
  • Percent Off the Total Purchase: 51%
  • Lowest Price for the Day: 32%
  • Free Shipping: 31%
  • Birthday Offer: 28%

Shattering the stereotypes your clients may apply to millennials is the first step to upgrading their direct mail marketing’s effectiveness. To further engage this age group, US Presort suggests integrating digital with direct mail and making the mail stand out by using enhancements such as sound and interactions.

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