SMBs Seek Social Media Management Assistance

Tue Apr 8, 2014

Kathy Crosett

Are your small and medium-sized business clients complaining that their social media investment isn’t working? These SMBs may be having trouble because they lack the time and expertise to implement an effective social socialmedia1media strategy. If you’re selling social media marketing services, you can help them succeed by improving the specific social media tasks identified by Provoke Insights in a recent study the company published on this topic.

According to Provoke Insight analysts, about 82% of SMBs use some form of social media. Just over half,  54%,  says their investments are not delivering. In working with SMBs, Provoke Insight realized that 33% of SMBs need to add some structure to their social media program. Many small marketers don’t understand which parts of social media they are doing well and which tasks they are doing poorly. The first step in fixing this problem is to assess exactly what is currently being done.

Analysts also suggest that SMBs can improve their social media results by standing out from the crowd. For example, it might be worth using channels that the competitors haven’t turned to. Only 14% currently use Pinterest and 16% use Instagram. In addition, SMBs that pay for social media ads have only done business with Facebook. Some of these small marketers could likely benefit from buying ads on alternate sites, like LinkedIn and Twitter. Expanding the social effort to new channels could help an SMB reach new customers.

One key problem for many SMBs relates to having enough time to effectively manage all of the tasks that will  yield success. Currently, only 25% of these businesses check out their website data and just 19% measure their social metrics. Marketers who do not know the details of their traffic patterns, also won’t know if any of their ‘fixes’ are working. If your media company is offering social media management services, you can increase sales by positioning yourself as an expert on this topic.

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