How the Split Test Can Boost Direct Mail Success

Fri Mar 3, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Your clients are likely spending at least part of their ad budgets on direct mail. Even in the digital age, directmailhighresconsumers enjoy receiving something tangible in their mailboxes. But, there’s a difference between receiving direct mail and taking action. Use some of the tricks of the trade, shared by Craig Simpson, on, to help your clients improve their direct mail success.

If your clients want to increase their response rate from direct mail, help them experiment with specific changes to their collateral and their process. For example, Simpson explains that your clients can measure how well a new direct mail campaign is working by using the ‘split test.’ In this case, half of the customers on the existing mailing list might receive the usual mailing about the 5% off sale your client is having in April. For this part of the mailing, consumers would be required to bring the physical coupon that was mailed into the store to get their discounts. The other half of the customers on the mailing list might receive the same promotion in a brightly colored card or a dimensional package that also contains a small gift. These customers would be required to bring in the brightly colored card to get their discount. Help your client track the responses from each half of the list and you’ll know if the new type of mailing was more successful than the traditional mailing by the end of the sale.

Your clients can also apply the split test concept to different types of promotions. For example, your local bistro owner might want to know whether a 10% off coupon for drinks on Tuesday night will drive more traffic than a Wednesday free appetizer promotion. If you’re selling direct mail services, work with your client to design attractive pieces for both offers. Once again, split the mailing list in half, randomly, and send out the pieces. Before long, your client will know which promotion generates the most business.

As Simpson points out, experimenting with a variety of direct mail formats and promotions can dramatically improve a marketer’s ROI. Talk with your direct mail clients about tweaking their programs in order to boost revenue.

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