Strategist Closes $24,000 on Her 2nd Week on Job!

Wed Dec 28, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

Challenge: New business is afraid to invest in TV advertising    DavisArend

A new gun, outdoor and survival shop opened up in Davis Arend’s territory in April 2015.

“They are a brand-new business – celebrating their one-year anniversary on April 27,” Arend explained. “So they are trying to get their name out to people who don’t live in the city they are in.”

The store is downtown in a small town in North Carolina, and a lot of people outside of that area didn’t know who or where they were, or what they did.

“This is their dream, and they’re determined to make it work,” Arend added.

The husband-wife owners had not done any advertising and Arend was bent on changing that by using AdMall’s Digital Audit.

Solution: AdMall’s Value of a New Customer wins them over

The integrated marketing strategist at WMYV-WXLV TV approached them with a package specifically for new business that she thought would work well for them. They were very concerned about getting ROI, as well as making a year-long commitment, but the “Value of a Customer” information that AdMall gave Arend was a HUGE selling point for them. Seeing how investing in advertising with WMYV-WXLV would give them positive returns, and being able to put a number on it from the Digital Audit, was invaluable to them.

“Going the extra mile by pulling the Gun Shoppers AudienceSCAN report and presentation made a 100% positive difference to them,” Arend said. “It showed I was prepared and wanted to help long-term, and not just take their money and run.”

Result: $24,000 in new business for WMYV-WXLV

“We closed them the same day, and they have seen tremendous results since they went on the air in February!” Arend said.

She closed the bookend 15-second spots for $24,000 on the end of her second week at the TV station! The spots run two weeks a month through the end of December. The campaign has more of a seasonal branding tone. In the winter, their creative was winter storm prep for cars and homes, and mentioned their wide selection of guns and ammo. For the spring and summer it’s outdoor fun preparedness (car kits, first aid, camping and hiking gear, etc.) The spots are mentioning their gun inventory in passing in the summer creative, but they don’t want that to be the focus.

“They haven’t shared exact figures, but they said that traffic has doubled, the number of phone calls they get has noticeably increased, and over 50% of first-time customers since January have said they found them thanks to their TV commercials!” Arend is proud to report.

“The real *lightbulb* item that came from AdMall for them was the Value of a Customer infographic for gun-purchasing customers – it was that little piece of info that helped them see what a great ROI they can get from investing in television advertising!”

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