Text Ads Still Reign for PPC Marketers

Thu Oct 5, 2017

Kathy Crosett

Whether businesses are spending $50,000 or $5 million a month on PPC advertising, they need to stay current with the latest trends. Hanapin Marketing’s The State of PPC 2017-2018 survey shares what advertisers and agencies are saying about their future spending plans.text

This year, 84% of respondents to Hanapin’s State of PPC survey feel good about the PPC market, and 65% say the market is better than it was last year. These findings are proof that marketers continue to rely on PPC as a proven way to connect with customers.

The following PPC channels are most effective for these survey participants:

  • Text ads 87%
  • Remarketing 66%
  • Mobile 60%
  • Social 53%
  • Shopping 40%
  • Display 25%
  • Programmatic 16%
  • Native 13%

In 2017, 72% of marketers increased social ad spending, and 60+% increased text and mobile ad spending. Hanapin analysts note that they’d expected to see more of a jump in the numbers for mobile and social effectiveness when compared to last year’s results. These marketers may still be experimenting with the best way to implement these campaigns with respect to PPC, say analysts. And that detail may explain why older-format text ads still rule in terms of effectiveness.

Developing expertise with the new format social and mobile campaigns is urgent as 80% of U.S. adults rely on their mobile devices. Marketers get it. Seventy-nine percent of businesses in the Hanapin study are committed to spending more on PCC and we can anticipate continued investment in social and mobile formats. In fact, 63% of marketers rank mobile as the most import aspect of the digital marketing industry this year. The other top aspects include conversion rate optimization (53%), social advertising (43%), and automation software (36%).

In Hanapin’s survey, the verticals that spend the most on PPC tend to be in the retail, education, travel and publishing industries. Not surprisingly, retailers are using Google AdWords and Product Listing Ads heavily.

Going forward, Google and Facebook will be the main beneficiaries of PPC ad budget increases. Your clients don’t have to steer all their digital ad money to the duopoly. If you’re selling mobile, talk with clients and prospects about new ways to use PPC to reach consumers who rely on these devices for everything from directions to shopping lists.

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