Traditional Ads Rank Highest for Consumer Trust

Thu Jan 5, 2017

Kathy Crosett

New research from MarketingSherpa reveals that consumers trust certain forms of advertising more than momnewspaperothers. Consumers also take specific actions to disengage from a firm’s marketing efforts once the trust bond is broken. Here’s how your clients can stop that from happening.

Today’s consumers are growing wary of false online news reports, and that attitude might be extending to digital advertising as well. Consumers tell researchers traditional advertising forms are more trustworthy than other formats, especially digital. Here are the numbers of consumers who say specific ad types are trustworthy:

  • Print ads (newspaper, magazines) 82%
  • TV ads 80%
  • Ads/catalogs received in mail 76%
  • Radio ads 71%
  • Ads in outdoor/public places – out-of-home 69%

While some types of online ads have established trust in consumer minds, other forms don’t fare as well, as these numbers show:

  • Search ads 61%
  • Ads embedded in social media 43%
  • Online banner ads/mobile phone ads 39%
  • Ads in podcasts 37%
  • Online pop-up ads 25%

Even when consumers are satisfied with a company, 43% say they almost always skip online pre-roll ads and 35% ignore newspaper ads. 32% say they block online ads and 30% unsubscribe from email.

The MarketingSherpa study shows marketers can take deliberate steps to keep customers interested.

  • For example, 30% of consumers don’t like pop-up ads that take over the entire screen. To counter that objection, your clients could use smaller pop-ups.
  • Consumers are also sensitive to the way ads can slow down page loads. Encourage your clients to use the best technology to ensure that pages load quickly.
  • Consumers are eager to cut down on the email they receive. Remind your clients to limit the number of email messages they send and to personalize offers to make them more appealing.

Consumer behavior regarding advertising is dismal when customers are unsatisfied with a marketer. Over 50% almost always ignore or toss print ads, skip online pre-rolls, and unsubscribe from email.

To stay on a customer’s satisfied list, today’s marketers have to try harder. 43% of shoppers want products and services that are very reliable, not just ‘average.’ The following percentages of shoppers have set these expectations in order to keep doing business with a company:

  • Convenient 57%
  • Prices are reasonable 56%
  • Customer service is great 53%

Share these numbers with your clients. Show them the importance of delivering great products with outstanding customer service. When your clients combine that strategy with traditional advertising, they’ll earn customer trust and increase revenue.

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