Your TV Advertisers Can Boost Reach With This Tactic

Thu Aug 17, 2017

Kathy Crosett

It’s no secret that millennials and consumers in the rising Gen Y group don’t watch as much TV as TVtheir older counterparts. Despite changing viewing habits, there is a way for your clients to make maximum impact with TV ad buys. New Nielsen research points to the positive gains a marketer can realize when TV ads are paired with Twitter.

Twitter worked with Nielsen to study the impact of a recent ad campaign that included both TV ads and a First View promoted Twitter video ad. The marketer was a consumer-packaged goods company that opted to advertise during a sports event. Researchers tracked the reach of campaigns solely on TV and then with the addition of Twitter. In this specific case, reach to the target audience was boosted by 22% with the inclusion of Twitter. On average, researchers saw a 6% boost over what TV provided in terms of reaching the target audience.

The entire study encompassed four ad campaigns. Researchers point out that Twitter consistently boosted the reach of TV in a critical consumer group, those aged 18-to-24. An AdWeek report on this research indicates that “the four campaigns measured yielded an average of 25 percent incremental reach to TV among those in the 18-through-24 age group.”

Your TV clients might want to consider expanding their media buys to incorporate Twitter when they need to reach both younger and older consumers.


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