TV Advertisers Signal Intent to Shift Resources to Digital

Mon Nov 28, 2016

Kathy Crosett

If you’re selling local TV, you’ll want to check out the latest survey from Borrell, Inc. The research firm spoke with smartphoneover 1,500 businesses that purchase local TV for its 2017 Outlook “What Local Broadcast TV Advertisers are Planning” report. The advertising plans of these businesses offer media sales reps a glimpse at which trends they should watch for 2017.

Many of the businesses that purchase local TV have large ad budgets when compared to the typical local marketers. In fact, these advertisers spend 3 times as much on media buys than the SMB in the local market. The Borrell numbers indicate the typical TV advertiser is working with a $325,719 ad budget. By comparison, a local advertiser has, on average, about $105,595 to spend. As a result, larger TV advertisers are popular among media sales reps and get 1.6 times more touches from reps than the local business operators. For the most part, big TV advertisers use other forms of traditional media, especially newspapers and radio as these numbers show:

  • Broadcast TV $86,894
  • Cable TV $56,333
  • Radio $40,867
  • Outdoor $35,228
  • Internet $33,364
  • Direct mail $24,902
  • Newspaper $21,316
  • Cinema $17,342
  • Magazine $17,004
  • Print directories $7,990

Researchers have detected a change for next year with respect to TV advertiser intent. About 25% of these businesses will cut back on traditional media spending. Specifically, newspapers, magazines and yellow pages will take a hit. Nearly 68% will boost their ad spending on digital, which is currently at about $64,198. These marketers are also eager to experiment with mobile and cinema advertising next year, so spending in these categories will likely rise.

One way to sell traditional TV advertising to these marketers is through statistics. Media companies must be able to demonstrate that TV is bringing in new customers. Right now, these businesses believe their own social media efforts and their websites grab the attention of as many prospects as TV does.

Media sales reps should also stand ready to help these advertisers with their plans to expand in mobile and cinema formats. Providing digital marketing and content development may be the best ways to maintain or even grow sales levels from these clients.

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