TV Rep Closes 2nd Ad Campaign Using AdMall’s Digital Audit

Fri Nov 28, 2014

Faye Oney

Edward Emanuel, account executive from WCBD in Charleston, South Carolina is on a roll. A Digital Audit roll, that is. After his recent success selling a mobile campaign to a local consignment store franchise using AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit, he used a similar strategy to sell a $4,800 campaign to a new client.SSA-Emanuel

Emanuel’s prospect was a couple who own a boat club franchise. A boat club offers the use of various boats to customers who pay an annual membership fee. Members enjoy use of the boats without having to pay for the regular maintenance and upkeep. The couple had bought the franchise and wanted to recruit new members. They had never advertised in the 3 years of owning the franchise.

After seeing a similar franchise’s commercials in another market, Emanuel stopped by the business to meet the owners. Prior to his appointment, he conducted a Digital Audit on the company.

“The Digital Audit showed online ads that franchises in other markets were running,” Emanuel said. “Showing where other franchises were advertising really helped sell my idea that digital advertising works.”

Emanuel shared printouts of the ads with the owners. They realized they needed to do a similar campaign to accomplish their business goal of recruiting new members.

The 8-month campaign includes a snipe package (a 10-second ad that runs below news content at the bottom of the TV screen), and several online display ads.

Emanuel hasn’t yet had a chance to show them the other data from the Digital Audit. “Once the first campaign is up and running, I plan to show them more from the Digital Audit, like the social media analysis, for example,” Emanuel said.

AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit helps you sell more digital

The Digital Audit tool Emanuel used provides a digital opportunity score, allowing you to find accounts that have the most digital revenue potential. Instead of scouring the Internet for a client’s or prospect’s online activity, you can use the Digital Audit to capture their real-time data in less than a minute. The data allows you to learn about their activity in digital advertising, SEO, social media, incoming web traffic, and local search. You can also conduct an audit of their competition to share with clients. To get a peek at some of the data in a Digital Audit, watch this 15-second video.

Edward Emanuel of WCBD TV is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 3rd quarter, 2014.

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