TV Rep Generates $50k from Local Grocery Store Using AdMall

Fri Aug 9, 2013

Faye Oney

The biggest challenge for media sellers is getting that first appointment with a new prospect. When Andy Papaleo started selling for WBNG-TV in Binghamton, NY, he planned to call on a grocery store which had never advertised with his TV station. The grocery company has four stores in the local DMA, and four more in the outskirts.WBNG12ActionNews

Papaleo knew his biggest challenge was getting in front of the client, so he turned to AdMall for help. He researched the grocery store with data he found in the Major Account Intelligence Reports. He also researched the grocery store’s competitors and their spending in the Major Account database.

Using the Co-op Reports, Papaleo also pulled information on what some of the industry’s product vendors, such as Butterball Turkey, General Mills, and Pepsi were doing. He shared all of the data with the advertising decision-makers. “They were impressed with the detail I provided them,” he said.

Over the course of the sales process, Papaleo sent his contact weekly emails to stay in touch. He always included helpful AdMall data related to the grocery industry.

Papaleo’s persistence paid off. “They started out with a small buy,” he recalled, “but then they bumped it up by 30% by the middle of the year.” His client spent a total of $50,000 over the course of the TV campaign – an impressive increase since they spent $0 the previous year.

Papaleo likes to conduct research in the Major Account database to see what his prospects’ competitors are spending on advertising.  He also uses the anniversary dates to provide his clients with another reason to advertise.

Papaleo uses AdMall every day as a valuable resource in his sales efforts. “We have a lot of different tools available to us at the station here, but nothing provides the ease of use as AdMall does,” he said.

Did you know that AdMall has data on more than 1,400 national accounts? To find out how to access the Major Account Intelligence Reports, watch this 15-second video.

Andy Papaleo of WBNG-TV is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 2nd quarter, 2013.



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