TV Rep Provides AdMall Research to Prospect; Earns $28K Sale

Fri Oct 10, 2014

Faye Oney

Kate Carlson, marketing consultant for KTSM/KDBC-TV in El Paso, TX always pulls AdMall reports to learn something new about a client’s industry and business challenges before she meets with them. That’s why her clients consider her a consultant to their businesses, and typically give her the largest share of their budgets.KateCarlson

When she started using AdMall for the first time, Carlson was calling on a private school. The schoolmaster, who was new to the market, was meeting with different media reps. Carlson studied the Local Account Intelligence Report for Schools, Elementary and Secondary to learn more about the education sector. During her appointment with the schoolmaster, she shared industry trends, data about the competition, market potential, and other research she thought would be helpful to her prospect. The school was targeting affluent households in the El Paso area.

“Out of all the reps he met with, he didn’t know who to believe, and who was just trying to ‘sell’ him,” Carlson recalled. “I was the only rep who walked in with data.”

Because of the consultative edge AdMall gave her, Carlson got $28,000 from the school for a 3-month campaign on her station. She also helped her client plan the rest of his media buy. “I don’t expect to get 100% of his budget,” she said. “So I made suggestions on where he should spend it.”

Carlson uses AdMall’s mobile app on her iPhone and iPad Mini when she’s out in her territory, and before she goes into an appointment. Her favorite reports are the Local Account Intelligence Reports.

“AdMall makes us the information experts,” she said. “It helps me identify the advertising potential of businesses; and keeps me on track of what’s going on in different industries.”

AdMall’s sales tools make you a consultant to your advertisers

Advertisers don’t like sales pitches. They want media reps who take an interest in their business and offer solutions to help them. If you’re an AdMall client, you have access to a multitude of reports sourced from 3rd party and original research.

Local Account Intelligence Reports

These reports contain a wealth of information about your advertiser’s industry, such as industry background, opportunities and challenges, market potential, media sales opportunities, and more. Take a peek at the report Carlson used by watching this 15-second video.

Audience Intelligence Reports

AdMall’s Audience Intelligence Reports help your advertisers learn more about their target audience. In addition to demographics, these reports contain data such as shopping behavior, psychographics, media usage and other information to help your advertisers make better decisions on where to target their prospective customers.

Kate Carlson of KTSM/KDBC-TV is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 2nd quarter, 2014.


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