TV Rules As Purchase Influencer

Mon Aug 28, 2017

Kathy Crosett

An ad industry expert from the early 1900s, E. St. Elmo Lewis identified a specific set of factors thatTV play a role in marketing effectiveness. In the 2017 Purchase Funnel study commissioned by TVB and conducted by GfK, these same factors were considered as analysts exposed consumers to ads through a variety of media formats in six major industries. Here are the details.

As consumers move through the purchase funnel, they first become aware of a specific product or service. Marketing plays a role in that awareness and good advertising can further increase interest. The next step in the funnel for most consumers is a trip to the store to check out the product or to visit a website to learn more about key features. The final steps in the process include considering the purchase and then finally committing to buying the item.

In the GfK study, TV rules. In the all-important awareness phase, up to 62% of consumers list TV as their media influencer. By the time consumers make a purchase, 46% point to TV as the top influencer on their decision. Analysts point out that TV influence is greater than the total of six other media formats in the study. In addition, the high TV numbers hold true for young adults, aged 18 to 34, and for all ethnic groups.

For example, here’s how the influence to purchase breaks out across media categories in this study:

  • TV 46%
  • Mail 7%
  • Print newspaper 4%
  • Radio 3%
  • Outdoor 3%
  • Social media 3%
  • Email 2%

The industries studied in this survey included automotive, banking, furniture, bedding and carpet, legal, medical and QSR/casual dining.

TVB analysts also studied the connection between media trust and brand perception. These days, eight in ten consumers believe what they see and hear on the local TV news is trustworthy. This trust extends to a local station’s website for 68% of consumers. Only 40% of consumers say the same about social media.

If you’re selling TV, share the numbers from this study with your clients.


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