TV Sales Rep Wins $10,000 Sale Using AdMall Research

Fri Dec 6, 2013

Faye Oney

Elsie Hairston had a couple of obstacles to overcome while prospecting a local specialty food store in Greensboro, NC. As an account executive for WFMY TV, she had been calling on this prospect for a number of years. The store sells kitchen supplies, teas, gourmet coffees, and high-end appliances – similar to a Williams-Sonoma store. The owner was a loyal newspaper advertiser. He also had advertised on cable, but never with Hairston’s TV station. Also, Hairston was selling against two other broadcast stations in her local market.Elsie-cropped

She asked her research director to pull information from AdMall on her prospect’s business. She used the Local Account Intelligence Report for Specialty Food Stores and the Audience Intelligence Report for Foodies. She combined this data, along with Nielsen data on day parts into a presentation.

“I shared information with him about specialty food stores’ peak sales months,” Hairston said. “I also used the research stats (under Know Their Customers) about media usage – where people have taken action based on where they saw an ad.”

Hairston’s hard work paid off. The store owner was impressed with the detailed information she shared with him.

“He said my presentation was the best because it had all of the information he was looking for,” Hairston said.

Her new client’s campaign included a TV schedule and some banner ads on WFMY’s website – generating a total of $10,000 for a 4-month period. The owner is looking ahead to next year to run more campaigns with WFMY.

Hairston likes to incorporate data from the Local Account Intelligence Reports and the Audience Intelligence Reports into her presentations.

“I don’t present anything unless I’ve included AdMall information!” she said.

Two AdMall reports to support your sales pitch

How do you stand out against other media sellers in your local market? If you’re an AdMall subscriber, you can leverage the insights in AdMall’s databases on 425 local account types and 744 audience types.

1. Local Account Intelligence Reports. How do you effectively conduct research on a prospect’s industry? You’ll find insights like annual sales, ad budgets, marketing media mix, and industry opportunities and challenges within these reports – a lot more than what you would find through a Google search. Watch this 6-second video to learn how to access these reports.

2. Audience Intelligence Reports. You can use the data in these reports to educate your prospects on the psychographics of their audiences. These reports go beyond demographics to illustrate the likely targets for your prospect’s products and services. They include information such as purchase intent, attitudes about advertising and media, and other psychographics. Watch this 6-second video for a peek at an Audience Intelligence Report.

Sharing data from AdMall with your prospective advertisers shows them you’ve conducted extensive research on their business; and will separate you from the other media sellers who are competing for the same advertising dollars.

Have you had a recent success using the reports in AdMall? Share your story and you could qualify for a Sell Smarter Award!

Elsie Hairston of WFMY TV is one of the Sell Smarter Award recipients for the 3rd quarter, 2013.

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