TV, Search and Social: An Unbeatable Advertising Alliance

Wed May 31, 2017

Rachel Cagle

There are few advertising methods that can reach as broad of an audience in one fell swoop as TV can. In fact, eMarketer predicts that $72 billion will be spent on TV advertising this year. Although TV ads do well on their own, it never hurts to have multiple forms of advertising support each other. In his article, “Using search and social to support TV advertising,” Justin Field suggests grouping your client’s TV advertising with search and social.

Think about the last time you watched TV. While you were tuning in, your attention was probably divided between the TV and your phone or computer, right? If it was, you’re not alone. IAB claims that 70% of TV watchers are also actively using another device while viewing. That’s what makes search support so useful.

If viewers see TV ads that catch their eyes, there’s nothing stopping them from searching the internet for the advertised brand to get more information. Even if the viewer happened to miss the brand name, they’re still likely to search for key terms from or a brief description of the ad. That’s why it’s important to carefully review your TV ads so that you can sync potential key word searches to correlate the two as much as possible. Still on the fence? Field wrote that he has, “seen mature brands experience anywhere from 20-30 percent lift in search traffic as a result of TV ad buys.”

If your client creates a TV ad that you think will do well on social media, encourage that client to post it on his or her company’s pages. We’re all painfully aware of how glued to our phones everyone seems to be in this day and age, and a significant portion of that time is generally spent on social media. So, have your clients put their ads there. Make the ads easily sharable to both personal pages and through messaging. Field also recommends creating a personalized hashtag or having the ad contain a discussion that can be addressed in social media comments. Social is a great way to get potential customers engaged with your client’s brand.

What are you waiting for? Encourage your clients to give their TV ads a bit of a boost with the support of search and/or social. Or see what other pairings you can come up with. The more media you cover, the more accessible your client’s ads become!


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