Users 51% More Likely to Retweet Tweets with Hashtags

Tue Feb 2, 2016

Amanda Levin

Are any of your clients suffering from poor engagement rates on social media? I bet they repost-us-image-11464217aren’t using, or are misusing, hashtags. Virtually any word can be made into a hashtag, which leaves many confused and unsure of how to effectively use them.

In her article on, Dhariana Lozano aims to break this confusion with a list of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to hashtags. But first, here are some stats that show the impact hashtags can have when used strategically on Twitter:

  • Tweets with hashtags garner 2x more engagement than tweets without
  • 40% of tweets that include hashtags get retweeted
  • Users are 51% MORE likely to retweet something with at least 1 hashtag

The simple act of adding a ‘#’ to your clients’ tweets and posts can have a huge impact on their engagement and overall success. So if you are ready to help your clients propel their social efforts to the next level, here are some of Lozano’s dos and don’ts of using hashtags.

DO research – instead of just sticking to popular hashtags, help your clients identify topic-specific ones. And, pay attention to how others are using the hashtag instead of assuming you know its meaning.

DON’T break your hashtag – only use numbers and letter in your hashtags as other characters such as ‘&’ break the hashtag

DO create your own hashtags – creating your own can help generate more interest around your client’s specific brand, product, event, campaign, etc. But remember to pair these with more general hashtags

DON’T make hashtags too long – the longer the hashtag, the fewer characters you have available for your client’s message (at least on Twitter). Plus, consumers will be less likely to use or remember any that are longer than 12 characters

DO camouflage hashtags within messaging – instead of clumping hashtags at the end of the message, use words within your message as hashtags

DON’T cram too many hashtags into one message – hashtag overload is real, and people are more likely to ignore hashtag heavy messages. Advise your clients to stick to 1-3 hashtags. The exception here is Instagram, where your clients can safely use about 11 hashtags

Share these dos and don’ts with your clients and help them craft social posts that use hashtags correctly and strategically. Once their hashtag habits are set on the right course, your clients should quickly see an increase in their engagement rates.

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