Video Advertising’s 3 Biggest Challenges and How to Handle Them

Wed Apr 19, 2017

Rachel Cagle

242 advertising decision-makers who spent at least $1 million on video ads in 2016 agree that ad tabletgirluserexperience is one of the biggest problems today’s video advertisers face. And why wouldn’t they? When you think of video ads, what comes to mind first? Ads before a video you’re trying to watch online? A pop-up that blocks part of your screen as soon as you open a new web page? It’s a difficult advertising format to master. And these concerns are only the tip of the iceberg.

According to the advertising decision makers surveyed in a study showcased in’s article, “The Biggest Challenge for Video Advertising Today is the Consumer Experience,” here are the top three challenges the video advertising decision makers agreed are the most prominent:

  • Creation of Better Ad Experience: 52%
  • Inadequate Measurement/Cross-Screen Metrics: 49%
  • Ad Blocking: 46%

These issues all share common threads. Disorganization makes any page sporting a video ad seem cluttered. This disorganization easily causes negative emotions to arise as consumers look at the jumbled mess of a page in front of them. To make things worse, viewers are often stuck watching the same ad over and over again. While brands may think this forced memorization of their message is positive, it’s not. When consumers are forced to sit through repetitive commercials, the advertised brand quickly goes from one they recognize and are interested in to a brand they despise. Repeated ads are also the reason people are so keen on investing in ad blockers. See? Full circle.

There are several solutions to these problems. First, have your clients clean up their video advertising. Make sure your clients take the extra time to ensure that the ads fit exactly where they are supposed to be and that they appear organized. Second, when they can, your clients should add more diversity to their advertising. Having another video to switch to from time to time will help deter the annoying repetition of the same video. Another way to aid the viewer’s experience is to make the ad shorter. All too often, consumers are faced with having to watch video ads that are longer than what they were trying to watch in the first place. This is infuriating. So, have your clients keep their video ads precise and concise.

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