VIDEO: AE Audits Her Way to New Digital Business

Tue Jan 17, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

The 3rd Quarter 2016 Sell Smarter! Awards video puts the spotlight on two media salespeople who increased revenue for their media companies by using the tools in AdMall.

Hi. I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at AdMall, we welcome you to the third Quarter 2016 Sell SMARTER! Awards – where we honor excellence in media SALES.


Kayc Carlson with KTUU-TV, in Anchorage, Alaska used AdMall’s Digital Audits to win over a health imaging center. Her client is in battle with two of its biggest COMPETITORS and is always fighting to win over a bigger chunk of the market place. The imaging center owner has a SMALLER ad budget than his competitors. Carlson knew that DIGITAL offerings would offer an AFFORDABLE solution and the STRONGEST response to his competitors’ placements. So she took to the drawing board to figure out how to show her station could make a DIFFERENCE. She put her three years of AdMall experience to work and started with analyzing the digital audit for her client — which then grew into analyzing the digital audits for ALL OF HIS COMPETITORS in the marketplace! Carlson showed how POORLY he was ranking against his competitors and gave him advice to help him compete. She built the client’s TRUST and he signed a three-month pay-per-click campaign, which included the possibility of EXTENDING the campaign.

Carlson noted, “click by click, we are working to create awareness.”

Initially before her hard work, her advertiser agreed to a SIMPLE digital buy on the KTUU website for $2,500 for three months. However, with Carlson’s efforts going deeper with the digital audits, she UPSOLD him to the PPC campaign for six months — a $6,600 campaign.


Diane Stojakovich focused on AdMall’s consumer SPENDING data to UPSELL her yard ornament dealer for The News Tribune in Washington. She identified the PEAK sales months for landscaping services.

“His business does not exactly fall into landscaping,” she said. “But I felt those interested in landscaping would ALSO be interested in his products as they are hand-crafted stone urns, benches, fountains, fire pits etc.”

In the past, the dealer only ran OCCASIONAL ads related to key holidays. She used her consultative sales approach and eight years of media sales experience to guide him in a BETTER direction. She spoke with the owner about the importance of STAYING in front of his customer base during ALL peak months. She presented a print and digital recommendation, ASSURING him that the approach would specifically target those who would be interested in HIS type of merchandise – eliminating wasted impressions. He was very pleased with the proposal and signed the contract. He ran full-color print ads in TWENTY of her publications. In addition, they ran a $1,000-a-month ONLINE campaign, targeting those interested in landscaping, home improvement, gardening and the like.

Congratulations to Kayc and Diane, along with the other third quarter Sell Smarter! Award recipients:

Natasha Holly of The Dover Post and Deirdre Robinson of The Press-Telegram

To find out how YOU can qualify for a Sell Smarter Award, visit the Sell Smarter page under “FEATURES” on Media Sales

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