Video! Automotive Co-op Win + a Theatre’s Mobile Campaign

Tue Apr 18, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Hi. I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at AdMall, we welcome you to the fourth Quarter 2016 Sell SMARTER! Awards – where we honor excellence in media SALES.



Mark Michaud sat in on an AdMall 102 training session for a refresher on Selling Automotive Accounts and walked away with WINNING ideas for an infrequent advertiser. His Multi-Franchise Domestic and Foreign Auto Dealership account had an urgent need to move OLD inventory and establish a NEW sales funnel at their under-performing dealerships. Michaud decided to run AdMall Digital Audits on EACH dealership AND research any available CO-OP funds his dealer could use. But he didn’t just stop THERE. This media sales veteran followed up with presentations and a formal proposal leave-behind on Connecticut Magazine’s DIGITAL programs. They agreed to an ALL digital campaign, using five different formats for EACH auto profile.

Michaud noted, “They are THRILLED that I was able to put together a cohesive program with BENCHMARKS and key performance indicators that we track DAILY with the dealerships. It’s a fact that WITHOUT the co-op funds discussion up front, I would’ve had a MORE difficult time extracting their pain-points. They were glad that they didn’t just have the co-op funds EXPIRE and now are seeing IDENTIFIABLE results.”


Regional Digital Sales Specialist Tyler Barnhardt successfully renewed the City of Morganton Municipal Auditorium’s monthly spending with The News Herald. He shared AdMall’s powerful information with the RIGHT person at the RIGHT place and time. While most of the theater’s sales come from season ticket subscriptions, they recognized that ticket sales to the general PUBLIC had dropped. Barnhardt was challenged to create a plan to fill all the REMAINING seats that had not been sold to season-ticket holders. He used AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Profiles to show valuable data for the theater’s current AND POTENTIAL audiences – including families, theater goers, and live performance watchers. He recommended targeting these specific audiences, along with MOBILE device BEHAVIOR based targeting. AdMall was KEY for providing the specific audience data.

“The data was SO extensive that it wasn’t actually INCLUDED in the proposal,” Barnhardt laughed. “But was used in conjunction WITH it – to help us sell that the audience they intend to reach is VIABLE and reachable.”

The theater signed a one-year campaign, targeting the specific AUDIENCES within 50 miles of the auditorium. They also did SEM, local e-blasts and print ads in the Morganton and Hickory, North Carolina markets. They’re spending $1,200 per month, with occasional INCREASES when they buy a special section.

Barnhardt is excited about the progress of the digital campaign, adding, “[After] each show we do a recap and they’re seeing INCREASED web traffic and MORE phone calls for ticket buys.”

Congratulations to Mark and Tyler, along with the other fourth quarter Sell Smarter! Award recipients:

  • Jennifer Carroll of Hickory Daily Record
  • Craig Bender at Market Magazine
  • Tim Walton from Michiana Saver Magazine
  • David Thornberry of The Delphos Herald

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