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Wed Dec 14, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

This month we learn how Multiple Ad Formats Boost ROI, how Pixel View is Increasing Ad Recall and how to keep your cool when Handling Angry Clients.



Hello there, and WELCOME to the December 2016 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


Ad campaigns spread across MULTIPLE formats have a bigger impact on ROI for marketers. In a MarketingLand column, Barry Levine highlights the key details of new studies on media mix. Earlier this year, the Advertising Research Foundation reported that up to TWENTY-NINE percent of ad campaigns are limited to only ONE platform. This strategy is short sighted because ADDING other platforms can increase ROI SIGNIFICANTLY. In fact, silo investing can REDUCE ROI, especially if using only online BANNER ads.

Using TWO formats can increase ROI by NINETEEN percent. THREE, by 23%. FOUR, by 31%. And FIVE formats by THIRTY-FIVE percent. And if you’re trying to reach millennials, the ARF study also dispels the notion that DIGITAL is the ONLY format marketers should use to reach them. Marketers should use a mix of SEVENTY-ONE percent traditional and TWENTY-NINE percent digital media. And TV should factor heavily into any campaign that targets younger consumers.

Regardless of the media format you’re selling, you should encourage your clients to promote their products and services across MULTIPLE DIGITAL and TRADITIONAL media formats to ensure a strong ROI on their investment.


E-marketer recently summarized the digital concerns of marketers and agencies. Not surprisingly, VIEWABILITY remains a chief concern at TWENTY-NINE percent. After all, if nobody SEES an ad, how can it WORK? To improve industry standards, the Media Rating Council recommends that a display ad should have FIFTY percent or more of pixels in view for at least ONE continuous second. For video ads, they should be in view for at least TWO continuous seconds.

The numbers make a difference, according to surveyed online ad viewers. When a display ad EXCEEDS the industry standard and is in view for at least FOUR seconds, marketers can expect an EIGHT percent bump in ad RECALL. Getting a LARGER portion of the ad in front of viewers has a big impact, too. When at least SEVENTY-FIVE percent of pixels are in view, surveyed consumers had a NINE percent boost in ad recall.

Take steps to be sure your sites are showing display and video ads properly to ensure a high ROI for your clients. Talk with your clients about the steps you’re taking to improve their results.


In the article “Seven Tips on How to Handle Angry Customers Without Losing Your Cool,” Chris offers advice on how to work with an angry client.

  1. Keep Your COOL. No matter what, do NOT be responsible for continuing your client’s negative feelings. DON’T defend yourself. Be the bigger person.
  2. Tread LIGHTLY. After HIS rant, YOUR response is extremely important. Remain CALM, keep your voice even and stick to the facts of what will happen next.
  3. Fix it FAST. Don’t just apologize, SOLVE the problem. ASAP. And get your CLIENT involved in the problem-solving process, so there won’t be any DOUBT that you are doing everything you can to fix things.
  4. Sort Out YOUR anger. After the interaction, take the time to work out your OWN stress. EAT something, VENT to a coworker, blast some ANGRY music in your headphones. You can’t afford to be rude to the next client.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.

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