video: Digital Audience Targeting Brings in $42,000 + Local Account Locator Generates Leads

Tue Jun 27, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

Hi. I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at AdMall, we welcome you to the first quarter 2017 Sell SMARTER! Awards – where we honor excellence in media SALES.



A family-owned DENTAL practice in the Jackson, Mississippi market changed LOCATIONS and needed to let potential patients KNOW. Gannett Account Executive Neftali Palma used the AudienceSCAN profiles on Potential Dentist Switchers and Dental Procedure Patients to DRILL home his digital marketing recommendations for the dental group. Palma even got the MEETING with the dentist through DIGITAL means!

“This was a new client [who] I reached out to using Facebook,” said Palma, and [then set up] face-to-face meetings.”

Palma helped his dentist compose a campaign that targeted the users described in the AudienceSCAN profiles. The dental group focused on SEM and social media advertising with targeted display. The dental practice signed a six-month campaign with the Clarion-Ledger at an average of more than $7,000 per month. The campaign brought FIVE new patients, each worth approximately $2,500! Palma said this was the BEST return on investment they’d seen in YEARS! The client mentioned, “We’re getting more and more phone calls from the internet.” Palma also heard from his client that some of the audience segments used in this campaign had NOT been brought to the client’s attention before, and he appreciated the options.

And Palma is still nurturing the relationship, adding: “We’re in discussions currently about using RE-MARKETING techniques to assist with CONVERSION and LEAD TRACKING.”


With AdMall’s help, Dianne Nelson sold a s$7,000 direct mail campaign to a used car dealer in Fort Worth, Texas! The account executive had a dealer who was beginning to sell FLEET vehicles – specifically cargo and passenger vans and they were trying to increase awareness of their fleet division of commercial vehicles. Nelson used AdMall to identify companies which USE these types of vans. She obtained 1,600 physical addresses of these companies using AdMall’s Local Account Locator tool. The fifteen-year media sales veteran took the time to get this information and showed a SHORT list to the general manager.

“It opened his eyes and he wanted to GIVE IT A TRY,” Nelson said. “He realized that I had discovered EXACTLY the types of business which would be interested in purchasing a commercial vehicle from his dealership.”

Nelson recommended a direct mail campaign targeting businesses such as electricians, plumbers and florists.  And she NAILED it! The auto dealer agreed to the direct mail campaign — which included six-by-nine post cards that were mailed out in two separate drops with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Congratulations to Neftali and Dianne, along with the OTHER first quarter Sell Smarter! Award recipients:

  • Darce Johnson of Idaho Statesman
  • Amanda Cerveny at Glenwood Springs Post-Independent
  • Michael Spies from Antietam Cable

To find out how YOU can qualify for a Sell Smarter! Award, visit the Sell Smarter page under “FEATURES” on Media

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