Video! Digital Audit Wins AE $20k; LTO Lands Director More Business

Tue Dec 6, 2016

Courtney Huckabay

The 2nd Quarter 2016 Sell Smarter! Awards video puts the spotlight on two media salespeople who increased revenue for their media companies by using the tools in AdMall.

Hi. I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at AdMall, we welcome you to the second Quarter 2016 Sell SMARTER! Awards – where we honor excellence in media SALES.


Brena Anderson scored a $20,000 annual contract with an orthodontist for KEZI-TV in Eugene, Oregon. She accomplished this using AdMall’s Digital Audit to woo the FIRST-time advertiser.

“I really felt that with a new website, he needed to be MORE present digitally,” Anderson explained. “I also used AdMall to unearth the average amount of advertising spend of Orthodontists – so I knew about how much to PITCH.”

Her orthodontist touts transportation to and from SCHOOL for appointments with a brand-new “Brace Bus,” and Anderson couldn’t WAIT to get him on her station! Her client is running thirty-second spots mostly in morning and daytime, when school is in session.  Anderson’s team also created a fifteen-second branding spot with less emphasis on the “Brace Bus.” This is used while school is OUT for the SUMMER. To enhance the campaign, Anderson is allotting part of their monthly budget to digital for the first six months – since they recently rebranded with a new website. The banner CREATIVE features an animated “Brace Bus” moving across the ad – to really CONNECT the digital message with the TV portion of the campaign.


Market Development Director Tina Byrd JUMPED on a John Deere Limited-Time Opportunity that she saw in her AdMall Minute. At the Times Bulletin Media, Byrd reads and uses her AdMall Minute EACH morning to JUMPSTART her sales day. When she saw an LTO for John Deere she thought she MIGHT just be able to persuade an advertiser to BRANCH out. They had ONLY run sponsorship ads in the Times Bulletin’s AGRICULTURE section. So Byrd emailed the local John Deere tractor store the LTO information and simply ASKED for the SALE!

“After receiving my email they got back with me and decided to run an ad in THREE of my papers…” she relayed. Byrd noted, “Their corporate office is NOT in my town and we always communicate via EMAIL because that’s her preference.”

The business owner WANTED to take advantage of the co-op  LTO and see if it was SUCCESSFUL. After the half-page, full-color ad ran, the client said they were HAPPY with the results and might try again with ANOTHER co-op opportunity in the future.

Congratulations to Brena and Tina, along with the other second quarter Sell Smarter! Award recipient, Brian Willard of The News Tribune!

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