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Tue Jul 11, 2017

Courtney Huckabay


Hello there, and WELCOME to the July 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


Large brands know they must influence sales at the LOCAL level to increase revenue. Brands have dedicated part of their ad budgets to TRADE spending, supporting local retailers, but maybe not enough to DIGITAL. In the recent Trade Marketing in Transition study, conducted by Criteo and Kantar Millward Brown, FIFTY percent of participants say that online retail is DISRUPTIVE to their business.

Yet brands have been SLOW to allocate more funds to DIGITAL trade programs. Some say the ROI is too small and others say the online sales volume doesn’t warrant significant spending. In other cases, MANAGERS do not SUPPORT the idea.

Analysts explored the perceived effectiveness of specific digital formats over the next five years. Marketers note that, on a scale of one to five, online DISPLAY advertising and PAID SEARCH will have the biggest positive changes in effectiveness, in terms of reaching consumers. For traditional media, RADIO was the strongest, followed by TV.

Use this information to encourage your local accounts to ask their vendors to help them fund the cost of digital campaigns.


Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s just published A Marketer’s Guide to Reaching Each Consumer Generation. It outlines the attitudes and PURCHASE behaviors of several age groups. EMAIL is increasingly an influencer on the final decision. The link between email influence and purchases is PARTICULARLY strong among MILLENNIALS. In the past three months, 83 percent of millennials have made a PURCHASE from an email they received. And 35 percent have made 1-2 PURCHASES while 28 percent of millennials have made 3-5 PURCHASES – far higher than any other age group.

But, millennials came of age during the recession and still worry about money. So, marketers who offer REWARDS can tap into millennial LOYALTY. FIFTEEN percent of the most recent millennial purchases were LINKED to rewards, a number that is higher than average. Millennials also like to keep marketer emails SEPARATE from their private accounts. Fifty-eight percent use SEPARATE email addresses. Help your clients get millennials’ ATTENTION by offering rewards, unique products, great prices and great service in their email campaigns.


Effective networking isn’t always easy, and even the most OUTGOING rep runs out of icebreakers. Minda Zetlin in a recent article shares CONVERSATION starters that can help the next time you need to chat up a stranger.

  • “Is this your FIRST TIME at this event?” This starter is great for industry vets AND new reps. If you’ve attended the event in the past, offer pointers if the other person HASN’T. If it’s YOUR first time, you can ask for tips.
  • “I really LIKED that thing you said.” Want to get a word in with a SPEAKER? You will get her attention by mentioning something SPECIFIC from her PRESENTATION.
  • “What do YOU recommend?” This could apply to a choice of sessions to attend, or hors d’oeuvres or cocktails.
  • “I’ve been wanting to MEET you.” Why not get to the POINT immediately? Introduce yourself, and then let the person know why.

These are just a FEW of the tips Zetlin shares, and ANYONE can use her easy conversation starters in a VARIETY of settings.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.

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