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Tue Jun 13, 2017

Courtney Huckabay


Hello there, and WELCOME to the June 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


According to the IAB and PWC’s recent Internet Advertising Revenue Report, MOBILE advertising has grown in ONLY FIVE years from just five-percent of U.S. online advertising revenues to now a whopping FIFTY-ONE percent. According to the report, there are three major media that are dominating mobile spending: search, banners and video.

Search made up FORTY-SEVEN percent of mobile advertising spending; banners – thirty-eight percent and video – eleven percent. And mobile was right on desktop’s heels when it came to search spend and digital video spend. However, mobile ANNIHILATED desktop when it came to DISPLAY-related advertising by scooping up nearly $32 BILLION, compared to desktop’s $13.6 billion. According to the report, desktop advertising spend is either declining or remaining steady, depending on the ad format, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if mobile spending FINALLY OVERTAKES desktop spending in the coming years.

We live in an age when it seems as if everyone’s nose is STUCK to their phone. Why not have your clients’ ads where consumers are looking? Encourage your clients to hop on the MOBILE bandwagon!


According to an Ascend2 SEO survey, the most EFFECTIVE SEO tactics are relevant CONTENT creation, KEYWORD and phrase research, SOCIAL MEDIA integration and external and internal LINKING. Yet marketers are STRUGGLING to put these in place. FORTY-EIGHT percent say relevant content creation is THE most difficult SEO tool to conquer.

Start pitching your clients on your in-house EXPERTISE for tackling content creation projects. SHOW them you’ll target their desired AUDIENCES with posts that have catchy titles, rich media and properly formatted subheads to break up dense passages of text.

As Nick Chasinov explains in his recent column on, content that contains an EMOTIONAL element and sounds HUMAN in origin (versus machine created) gets ranked higher. Remember –  the increasing complexities of SEO are causing CRIES FOR HELP from your clients. This generating a GREAT business opportunity for reps who’re selling digital marketing services.


Jill Konrath recommends three ways to use LinkedIn to connect with others.

  1. Check your prospect’s profile. Often, you can see what they’re responsible for and even some of their OBJECTIVES. You can then use this info to craft a compelling message that’s aligned with what’s IMPORTANT to them. Plus, you can find areas of COMMON INTEREST and potential connections.
  2. After you’ve done that, check out the “Viewers of this Profile Also Viewed” section. That’s where you’ll find the names of OTHER potential decision makers within the account – including their bosses, co-workers and direct reports. Having these additional names gives you MORE ways to get your foot in the door.
  3. Finally, check out their RECOMMENDATIONS. WHO did your prospect recommend? Who recommended HER? The people you uncover here might be good contacts for you AS WELL. It’s essential to have MULTIPLE potential contacts when pursuing a new account. And, it’s important to learn who they ARE. That’s the POWER of LinkedIn. Make sure you use it!

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells

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