Video! Mobile, Mobile, Mobile … and Cold Calls!

Tue Feb 14, 2017

Courtney Huckabay

This month we learn about potential mobile + social growth in 2017, mobile app development and what NOT to say on cold calls.



Hello there, and WELCOME to the February 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


Media, marketing AND advertising executives continue to be CONFIDENT in the GROWTH of both MOBILE and SOCIAL advertising, according to AdMedia Partners’ 23rd annual market survey. Nearly EIGHTY-percent expect that mobile marketing will increase by ten-percent or MORE in 2017. With nearly a QUARTER divulging that their businesses are currently over FORTY percent mobile.

While MOBILE is hot, SOCIAL advertising is a close SECOND, with SEVENTY-ONE percent expecting it to increase ten percent or more. And social has RISEN to become one of the most INFLUENTIAL forms of advertising for YOUNG Americans. “Custom content and native advertising,” video, and programmatic were ALSO among the digital advertising formats expected to grow.

In contrast, MATURE digital formats, including SEARCH ads and online DISPLAY ads, will likely have much SLOWER growth this year. USE and SHARE these digital media predictions with your clients as they’re planning their digital marketing.


If you’re selling digital marketing services like MOBILE APP development, you’ll want to know about the features users APPRECIATE most, ESPECIALLY when it comes to connecting digitally with their favorite RETAILERS. A recent Google study tells us that sixty percent of users want apps to be EASY TO NAVIGATE. Thirty-four percent appreciate having something NEW to explore.

For retailers, updates on what’s new in a physical store can be a good step. Users also want the ability to PERSONALIZE their experience and get useful NOTIFICATIONS. As for what notifications are preferred, product SHIPPING and DELIVERY notifications are TOPS, while DISCOUNTS or OFFERS and APPOINTMENT reminders are tied for SECOND.

Apps are rapidly becoming the tools marketers can use to offer a personalized experience to their customers. You can help them maximize their ROI by developing ENTERTAINING apps that ENGAGE shoppers.


It’s up to you to make every second of a COLD call COUNT.

In an article for Renbor Sales Solutions, Tibor Shanto uses his own personal experience to come up with a few things NOT to say during a cold call:

  1. “Who’s in charge of…?” This IMMEDIATELY alerts the listener that you DIDN’T do your homework. Gathering this info prior to calling shows that you’re knowledgeable and proactive. If, after some effort, you can’t find the specific person you need, ask instead for a specific TITLE.
  2. Explain what you (or your company) DO. Simply state the name of your company and tell the prospect what you can do specifically FOR HIM OR HER. Anything OTHER than that is saying, “please hang up on me.”
  3. Sharing YOUR title. For the person listening, your title means nothing. Even if it’s impressive and you’re proud of it, it adds nothing to the call. It does NOT communicate your capabilities or credibility. To do THAT, get to what’s in it for THEM. Consider these suggestions when making your NEXT COLD call.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.

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