VIDEO: Price Isn’t Top Objection, B2B Tactics, Show Customers Loyalty

Tue May 9, 2017

Courtney Huckabay


Hello there, and WELCOME to the May 2017 edition of Media SALES Monthly.


In SalesFuel’s recent Voice of the Sales Rep survey, sales reps were asked for the top sales OBJECTIONS they must overcome. Surprisingly, the No. 1 objection was NOT price! The objection reps hear the MOST is that the prospect is happy the way things are OR they’re afraid to make a CHANGE.

Here are a couple of ways reps overcome this:

  • Dig Deeper. You may not have discovered their most PRESSING NEEDS through your needs analysis and your solution is addressing a low priority problem.
  • Build Greater TRUST. Maybe you haven’t made an emotional connection with the buyer on a personal level where they truly trust you. Will they BELIEVE you when you say you’ll help them through every step of the campaign and make it EASY on them?
  • Reduce RISK. CHANGE has risk involved, so show them how OTHERS who took the plunge have benefited successfully. On the other hand, you might have to explain the risk of doing NOTHING. Consider these tips the next time you’re faced with that objection.


In a recent study by True Influence on 2017 marketing trends, analysts measured ACTUAL search activity performed by B-2-B marketers from mid-November to mid-December. They compared the search results to baseline activity they had established over a two-year period. The results revealed the marketing tactics with the BIGGEST FOCUS: EMAIL marketing and online VIDEO marketing.

Email remains in the mix despite being an ‘older’ form of digital marketing. Email marketing has consistently proved to be AFFORDABLE and easily CUSTOMIZABLE, which deliver RESULTS and ROI for businesses. And while VIDEO marketing MAY be expensive to implement, it DELIVERS RESULTS. Analysts report marketers can experience an EIGHTY percent increase in conversion rates, when they add video to their website landing page. Marketers can also trace the presence of online video to improved SEO, higher RETENTION rates and better email CTRs. If you’re working with B-2-Bs, make sure you’re talking about the marketing formats they’re most interested in.


Keeping your clients around LONG-TERM requires CONTINUOUS effort on your part. After all, loyalty is a TWO-way street. In the article, “25 Ways To Show Your Loyalty To Your Customers,” Consultant John Patterson shares some good ways to remind existing clients they’re a PRIORITY.

  1. Ask for FEEDBACK. Ask them for THEIR opinions and input on how you can IMPROVE your service. Get them ACTIVELY INVOLVED with your service and they COULD provide you with ideas you might not have thought of on your OWN.
  2. Utilize Special OCCASIONS. Send them CARDS on major holidays and their BIRTHDAYS. Contacting your clients consistently throughout the year shows that you remember PERSONAL things about them and gives you thee opportunity to send them something HANDWRITTEN.
  3. BACK future sales pitches with RESEARCH. Don’t just approach your clients because you have a new PRODUCT or SERVICE. RESEARCH their businesses REGULARLY. Find out exactly what each of your clients’ NEEDS are and then USE that information as your lead in your SALES pitch. PERSONALIZED pitches show you’re making the effort to keep your clients’ needs TOP-OF-MIND, which speaks VOLUMES about your LOYALTY to them.

That’s it for THIS edition of Media Sales Monthly. I’m Doug Lessells.

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