Out-of-Home TV Viewing Provides Boost to Advertisers

Wed Aug 16, 2017

Rachel Cagle

We tend to view traditional TV viewing as an activity that takes place inside someone’s home. However, TV advertisers can’t overlook out-of-home viewings that occur in a variety of crowded public places such as bars, offices, and gyms. Nielsen conducted a study from January to the end of May in 2017 to see just who is watching what when it comes to out-of-home TV.

Here’s how much each demographic contributed to out-of-home viewings at the beginning of 2017:

  • Age 35 to 54: 32%
  • Age 55 and Over: 32%
  • Age 18 to 34: 26%
  • Age 6 to 17: 10%

While the older two demographics each ranked the highest, Nielsen points out that the 18 to 34 year-old age group shouldn’t be overlooked. This fairly close runner-up group’s overall TV viewings were increased 8% as a result of out-of-home. That is more of an increase than any other age group saw.

So, what is everyone watching? Sporting events took the lead at two hours and 37 minutes within the five studied months. This is on top of the 30 average hours viewers ages six and above already spent watching sporting events at the beginning of 2017. So, whether it’s in the home or outside of it, your clients will be happy to know that their TV ads running on sports channels have over 32.5 hours of opportunities to be viewed.

News was right on sporting events’ heels with two hours and two minutes of out-of-home viewing time during the five-month study period. Nielsen also revealed that 48% of news’ viewership was made up of people ages 25 to 54 at the beginning of this year, a key advertising demographic.

Another notable genre came in third place with 59 minutes of viewership: child multi-weekly. This genre’s high placement is interesting when considering that its stereotypical viewership, ages six to 17, only makes up roughly 10% of overall out-of-home viewership. This statistic implies that the ads aired during these shows are not only reaching children, but their parents, baby-sitters, siblings, etc. as well (aka, as Nielsen points out, the people with the buying power).

Other honorable mentions include:

  • General Drama: 58 minutes
  • Sports Commentary: 36 minutes
  • Situation Comedy: 32 minutes
  • Conversations, Colloquies: 22 minutes

When selling your TV ad space to clients, remind them that viewers are spending more time watching their favorite content out-of-home. This additional viewing can lead to higher sales for them.

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