When to Let Go of A Prospect

Wed Aug 3, 2011

Jessica Helinski

There is no magic number of times you should attempt to reach out to an unresponsive prospect before removing him or her from the pipeline. Some industry professionals warn against becoming a pestering nuisance, while others warn against letting go of a potential sale too soon. Josiane Feigon, blogger and author, believes that while there is not a correct “formula” for when to let go of a lead, there are ways to encourage a response from a prospect.

Her first suggestion is an interesting take on email communication, and I’ve included it below. To read them all, click here, and feel free to share your opinion

1. Uniquely designed email templates — Take the time to individually design email templates that reflect a progression and build on each other. The 1st attempt email should not look like the 3rd attempt email.

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