Why You Lost the Sale: The Most Common Reasons

Mon Feb 25, 2013

Jessica Helinski

iStock_000010084517XSmallThere are many reasons why a salesperson loses a sale. Each situation is different, and causes of sales losses vary depending on many factors. But all salespeople can relate to some common circumstances. Steve W. Martin blogs about this topic, and he discusses eight top reasons why salespeople lose business. Martin, through a series of interviews with those in the industry, found some common key factors that can wreak havoc on a sale, regardless of how talented a salesperson is or the quality of a product or service. Check out one example below, and read the rest here.

Incumbent Advantage. The incumbent vendor has a huge sales cycle advantage and the tendency is for them to win business by default. Based upon my research, the odds of unseating an incumbent vendor is typically about one in five.

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